it’s been a long 4 years

i’ll make this the basic rundown because i have lived through alot of crazy stuff. ok so i’m gonna be honest i was a former addict got in toruble and was locked up roughly a year in 2016. it honestly saved my life and probly would have died had i not made a bad descion but i believe god put me there for a reason. i get out and and on 4 years of probation and drug tested 3 times a week with a ton of community service. they had me doing so much i couldnt work and basically only had time to stay home and slowly watched the country go crazy about president trump winning the election. i used to be a drugged out hippie type but was always pretty centrist politically. i didnt really know much about our president and at first belived alot of the bs lies. but the more i watched over the month’s and year’s had me question why ppl were acting so crazy about trump being presidant. this led me to actually looking into it for myself and i found myself actually respecting tim and questioning why he went from being loved to hated so badly. i stayed the same personality wise and always speak what i think and eventually started finding myself over the course of these past few year losing alot of my friends to the sjw craziness and heroin overdoses. ive lost so many friends and i feel bad even thinking about it but i lost count after about 20 funerals. it makes me very grateful to be alive after an almost decade long addiction that i had lived through. everyday i took a bus all the was across the county to downtown cleveland everyday for drug tests and community service. i would come home and see more and more things that made no sense and lead me further and further into trying to understand what was happening. i did this four all four years i repeated the mantra that i was no longer a junkie and making plans to change my life and go to school. i wanted a better life and to make something of myself and start my own buisness. i couldnt work the whole time with the scheduling but tried to get work anyway for weekends the only time i had free. i find out after repeatedly landing jobs and being honest about my prior conviction….. to everytime being denied days later after the backround check. so i knew i needed to make my own way and had to go to school when i was off probation. fast forward to 2019 i had watched my best friend and cousin slowy die of cancer and spent everyday with him down to the moment he died in my arms when i got an emergency call from his mother. i posted memes and talked and reasoned with friends and peoples craziness online the last 2 years. i was alwways peaceful and very much a hippie yet found myself being called horrible things just for trying to have conversation and for pointing out the hypocricy and craziness. i get off probation and spend all of 2019 greiving the loss of my cousin and constantly losing friends and family to overdoses while trying to reason with people and the complete loss of logic. at this point i had been completely heroin free for year’s had spent all my time reading politics and making art and watching our country falling apart while being harrassed by antifa. after i had found out a former childhood freind (roughly2017 was when i reconnected breifly) was an antifa member/organizer o after i had met up with him a couple times. I was not about that shit at all and wanted nothing to do with it and they/he quickly realized i wasn’t about it. iv’e ben harrased intimitadated and recieved death threat’s since 2018 and continued to refuse to be treated like that. i never treated anyone like this in my life and 2020 rolls around. by this time  and the year of chaos began and by this point the only way i could get any conversation with alot of these people was with slightly offensive memes and it felt needed as i found myself losing my freedom of speech and opinion dwindle over the years. i remained offensive to get ppl to ask why i posted the things i did and i found it worked for me i changed alot of minds. and would always explain why and inititate real conversation when i could. when they started the riots i had already had my computer hacked and lost 6 months worth of work on a grapfic novel. and i just continued to smile and joke and have spent all of 2020 meating up with ppl who actively had grudges with me when possible. i went to music festivals and gave  as many gifts and hugs and kindess as possible in person in my area. to show that i am not what they want to label trump supporters. it became a mission of breaking the narrative and showing in person when possibe that we are all americans and tried as much as i could that there is nothing wrong with having a different view and that were arent fascist’s and all americans. but it got to the point were people had already collectively lost their shit and become brainwashed by the media and lies. i got less and less and eventually stopped because i would maybe get a week of having facebook before i would get 30 day bans everytime. i had already lost my personal facebook profile when they hacked my pc and facebook wouldnt let me have my account. i spent 2020 on my account i had reserved for future buisness and school and would just keep getting banned and harrased and threatened. i wasnt able to even use face book 8 motnhs out of this year. so i continued to make art memes and mostly use youtube and twitch to joke and have conversations in chat and talking to strangers on the street and always being kind and showing a different light for trump supporters because they become really suprise when a long haired hippie thats nice bring up the fact they support trump and even donated to your campaign.i continue this to this day. i talk to people in the real world and online and show truth and and be kind. i look into things myself and even met up and joined the proud boy’s i found out for myself they they are just really good people and just super patriotic like i had become over the course of this time. i had my a 30 day ban finally end and i spent about a week on facebook letting people know and meeting in person to tell them myself that i did and show that the media was framing them as a hate group when they clearly are not. i didnt ive continued to disprove the lies and they basically just shut me down for spreading truth and joking around and posting the facts etc. i watched our contry being destroyed all this time and always have held hope and i voted for the first time in my life for donald trump. and i am so damn proud that i did and that i tried my hardest to sway minds wether i was successful or not. i spent so much time talking to people and showing facts. and never did anyone wrong all this time. so now i  have been deactiveated a few weeks and cant get ahold of but like 2 or 3 friends after my phone broke. despite this  i find myself still holding hope our nation while remain the united states of america and that this will hopefully end and not turn into a socialist country. I truely believe that president trump will come out on top as the winner. i pledged my allegiance to the flag and this country means so much to me. i worked so hard to get my life together only to have it taken away from me  the moment 2020 started and i had my chance but i had to cancel my plans for school this year…… the year i was finally able to be free and had sacrificed so much and made so much effort to change bad habit’s and thinking. i watched clueless people and alot knowing what they where doing destroy and ruin my chance at a dream at the american dream. i pray that i will still have that chance in the future. you have done so much good and they slander you and ignore the facts. it hurts to continue seeing you treated so badly and the way these ignorant commies are trying to steal your win. we all know they cheat we all know that you more than likely landslided biden. i just want to thank you for everything you have done and giving me faith that there is at least one good and honest president in my life becuase i had never lived long enough to experience one that actually had the american people in mind and not just personal gain. thank you i truely mean it and want you to know that we have your back and believe in you. and will help in any and every way possible to keep this country from falling into the wrong hands…….. i cal myself mostly trash because they caled me trash for my opinion for so long but really i am mostly trash like they are mostly peaceful. god bless mr president.

was my last ban 30 days long all i post is some of my art, pro trump stuff, and memes


30 days for posting ohio proud boy's logo . 4 or 5 days later i was retroactively banned for picture below then deactived an hour later the meme in picture below this speaking out against pedophiles.  

banned for post later was put back up for not breaking tos


this was the meme i put up speaking out against pedophiles. and i thought it worked well becuase i get called things like nazi and facist when i am not about that at all. and find it really insulting for having a political opinion they don't agree with. i disputed it and it was put back up because it didnt break tos.

they put it back up ...... but still remained banned 30 day's


they put it back up but i still ramined banned for the 30 day's. then later after i posted the ohio porud boy's logo they

speaking out against hate groups? apparantly not ok unless your antifa or blm extremist.


i regularly denounce violence and rioting and hate groups but i guess thats not ok with facebook unless it goes with their narrative.

another 30 days speaking out against mask stupidity


i have more picture but pretty sure im running out of space for them. every ban i got was thirty days so roughly half of this year at least.

the same school teacher and former freind i will talk about below spreading christian socilism


im pretty sure he pushes this stuff at his job at a catholic school. but know for a fact is non stop political and pushes socialism and support of overthrowing the government. online all the time. i would regularly call him out on this garbage and was eventually banned after repeated times wanting to talk politics and why he has these beliefs. never happened so usually online talk and using facts and disproving his lies and bs would have him just not want to talk and be civil or rational.

a child hood friend who became antifa organizer..... is also a school teacher btw


another picture but has his name before he changed it. perfectly ok to organize and have meetings at his house etc. works at a catholic school teaching philosophy. prime example of these far left extremists preacging socialism in our schools. at one point i had caught back up with him few years prior and was having antifa meetings at his house and whole book collection of communist garbage.



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