Harassed for months, suspensions on false premises

I have been treated very badly by Twitter. Suspended once a month for literally no reason. logged all new followers for 10 days and found most of my new daily followers were being removed. I  actually posted that Jack was removing my followers and woke up to locked account suspended only this time no time was given so assuming its permanent. My crime….defending soneone from verbal abuse. Someone called Ronna McDaniel a bimbo and I said “Ronna is not a bimbo”. Its just an excuse to shut me up because Im effective. Its been a week w no reply to my “appeal”

Notice of my removal for

For hateful conduct.  As you can see its the opposite



Have you been unfairly Banned, Silenced, Deplatformed, Put In “Social Media Jail”, Shadowbanned or worse? 

Millions are finding their voices DELETED on social media every day…with no recourse. 

Big Tech gets away with it because you have no voice.  You’re Banned in silence, deleted without remedy or memory.  No judge, no jury, just an executioner.

Not anymore. 

SociallyBanned was created to give YOU a voice. 

If you’ve been unfairly silenced on social media, post your story for the world to see!  Click the red “Submit Your Details” button and then add your post telling us what you posted, how long you were put in “social media jail”, what they told you when they banned you.  Include screenshots or video!  Post it all!

Our goal is to get ONE MILLION reports from regular Americans just like you…and me. 

Alone we have no voice.  No power.

Together we are an army. 

And it’s time to fight back. 

Thank you for fighting with us!


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