Firefighter Trump Prophet Mark Taylor’s YouTube account TERMINATED

We have another casualty!

The Firefighter Trump Prophet, Mark Taylor, has lost his YouTube account.





For “multiple violations of YouTube’s policy prohibiting content designed to harass, bully or threaten.”


Mark Taylor never harassed anyone….except maybe Demons and the Deep State.

So is that what you’re saying elites?

You feel harassed by Mark Taylor?

Is the Spirit of the LORD harassing the demons?

I seem to recall a story from the Bible where a group of Demons felt so harassed by Jesus they all begged to bet sent into the pigs and then they ran the pigs off a cliff died and drowned in a river.

Is that what we’re seeing happen right now before our very eyes in 2020?

The digital version of the Demons and the Pigs?

Test it for yourself, you can visit Mark Taylor’s website at here:

And then click on OFFICIAL YouTube Channel and you’ll see for yourself its banned.

President Trump and Jesus Christ are too offensive now huh?

Is that the message?



Have you been unfairly Banned, Silenced, Deplatformed, Put In “Social Media Jail”, Shadowbanned or worse? 

Millions are finding their voices DELETED on social media every day…with no recourse. 

Big Tech gets away with it because you have no voice.  You’re Banned in silence, deleted without remedy or memory.  No judge, no jury, just an executioner.

Not anymore. 

SociallyBanned was created to give YOU a voice. 

If you’ve been unfairly silenced on social media, post your story for the world to see!  Click the red “Submit Your Details” button and then add your post telling us what you posted, how long you were put in “social media jail”, what they told you when they banned you.  Include screenshots or video!  Post it all!

Our goal is to get ONE MILLION reports from regular Americans just like you…and me. 

Alone we have no voice.  No power.

Together we are an army. 

And it’s time to fight back. 

Thank you for fighting with us!


Socially Banned
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