Facebook deleted my personal account and awareness group for Child Sex Trafficking with no warning

To whom it may concern…

On Wednesday, October 14th, 2020, around 10:30 AM EST my Facebook group Voice Of The Children Georgia and my personal Facebook account of 12 yrs was deleted completely with no warning and no reason given. All of my pictures, videos and memories… my personal data, were stolen from me. I have bedn given no means to retrieve my personal data. Images and videos of my children, stolen from me.

My Facebook group, Voice Of The Children Georgia, was a group dedicated to raising awareness in the state of Georgia around Child Sex Trafficking and Child Exploitation. Our focus was on supporting our local non-profit outreach groups via fundraising events and drives for clothing and needed items donations. Another focus and mission for our group was to reach out to public schools to provide and implement sex abuse prevention workshops for students and parents.

Our original group was called Standing With The Children Georgia snd we had over 4,500 members in the state of GA. After our first event nationwide, the MSM attacked the founders of the nationwide network and we dissolved our groups and created new ones… Voice Of The Children Georgia. We were accused of being conspiracy theorists and a QAnon group by reporter Chris Joyner, with the Atlanta Journal & Constitution, after we held a very successful event in Woodstock, GA on August 22, 2020. We had a peaceful march to raise awareness consisting of over 600 people. We hosted a fundraiser event for Operation Underground Railroad and three of our local non-profit outreach groups. We raised over $10,000 and accepted several truck-fulls of clothing and needed items donations.

Our group created a fundraiser through Facebook to cover the expenses of the event. We raised $2500 and Facebook only released $1,200 of the funds, while witholding the remaining funds… claiming that I violated their policy.

Our group was planning another event to take place on October 17th, in Roswell GA. The fundraising raffle at this event was to benefit the local non-profit outreach group, Out Of Darkness and Revvd Up Kids, who provide sex abuse prevention workshops in schools. Two weeks prior to the event, Facebook began shadow banning and limiting the reach of our group and our posts within to organize this event. Three days before our event, Facebook deleted my group, Voice Of The Children Georgia and deleted my personal account, plus the personal account of my other Admin – Diane Waltzer Stacey.

I since created a new Facebook account, Renee Stephanie Hudgins (maiden name), and it is currently banned for posting articles related to Hunter Biden’s laptop findings and connection with the Chinese CCP. Again, I received no warning, no reason and there are no violations listed in my FB “Support Inbox”. Facebook has failed to respond to any and all requests for explanation and I still remain unable to post, comment or respond on Facebook or Facebook messenger.

My account on Instagram was also deleted after posting images of myself and a friend at a Walk Away Campaign here in Georgia.

I demand that my personal data is returned to me. I DEMAND the return of the images and videos of my children. THIS DOES NOT BELONG TO FACEBOOK.

Stephanie Renee Hudgins Grohe



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