Deletion of personal videos unposted from saved folder; fact-checked indicating false in when in true

The first time i was censored, Facebook put a big wrench in  the middle of my page and limited my access. I could read but not post or comment on posts. While the wrench was up Facebook went into my saved folder and deleted videos of violence against Conservatives that I had upload but not yet posted to my feed.  The folder was wiped clean when i was able to get back in several hours later. Facebook then went through my feed and marked items as false info or deleted posts. No ine I kniw knew what the wrench meant or had it happen to them. In addition i was also fact checked multiple and facebook noted some things i posted as, false Information, even though they were true.

i have since gotten a new phone and dont have a photo of the wrench.  Recently I edited my name to reflect my first name twice for fear of tracking my use to Parler. i didnt want to be blacklisted by the Democrats and be unable to get a job in the future.  My name is Maureen Halleran.

Wrench had a picture I sent to a friend in a messenger conversation



Have you been unfairly Banned, Silenced, Deplatformed, Put In “Social Media Jail”, Shadowbanned or worse? 

Millions are finding their voices DELETED on social media every day…with no recourse. 

Big Tech gets away with it because you have no voice.  You’re Banned in silence, deleted without remedy or memory.  No judge, no jury, just an executioner.

Not anymore. 

SociallyBanned was created to give YOU a voice. 

If you’ve been unfairly silenced on social media, post your story for the world to see!  Click the red “Submit Your Details” button and then add your post telling us what you posted, how long you were put in “social media jail”, what they told you when they banned you.  Include screenshots or video!  Post it all!

Our goal is to get ONE MILLION reports from regular Americans just like you…and me. 

Alone we have no voice.  No power.

Together we are an army. 

And it’s time to fight back. 

Thank you for fighting with us!


Socially Banned
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