Arbitrarily disabled my account


My name is Alex. 

On October 19th I received an arbitrary ban on Facebook for literally nothing. It said “Your post violated our community standards” banned for 30 days. I could not click on this, disagree with their decision or even see what post it was. They would not show me. As far as I can tell it was nothing. If they could show it to me it would be one thing but they can’t because it didn’t happen. Fast forward 10 days to October 29th, and this is where I got really pissed off. I can deal with a 30 day ban, whatever.. But instead I woke up to find my account completely arbitrarily disabled. Again, with no reason for the violations or a single way to access or download my information like most people are allowed.  I can’t manage my “Lifted Trucks 24/7” group with over 100 members, my business like page “HipHopKustomz” with almost 600 likes, or my community based message board “Delta, CO Message Board” with over 2,000 members. All of which are still on Facebook but I have absolutely no access to them or control over them. My Delta group has been destroyed. Almost 200 members have been able to make their way in to the group without my approval. and have posted flagged posts to where now every single thing that gets posted in the group has to be pre-approved by an admin until January 5th. And since my account was disabled, other members were able to give themselves admin privileges. Effectively handing my group that I have worked so hard to build and maintain, to someone else! I have regained control without being there no matter if they like it or not. I have 5 friends who are admins now.

I have contacted Facebook in every way possible and I either get ignored or am met with an error page! I have emailed every address possible for Facebook for a total of about 80 emails and am met with the same results as the forms on their website. They want me to submit identification for the review process, I sent 3 forms of identification, two of which are government issued, many times now… Doesn’t do any good

I have intellectual property on my business page that not only am I being denied access to but I am being denied the right to download it or delete it as well!! My intellectual property requests have been ignored completely. This is criminal!!

It has negatively affected my business and my income overall. I had jobs set up and now I’ve disappeared on my customers. Not by choice but because i don’t have their contact information and facebook won’t even allow me to download my information. So it is negatively impacting my business and making not only my business look bad, but me and my business..

Additionally I have an Oculus VR that requires me to login with my facebook account. being that my facebook account is disabled it is effectively a $400 paper weight. I have contacted Oculus support since they actually have some sort of support tickets you can submit and live chat. I’m being told now that a facebook account team member will be reaching out to me as quickly as possible. I have been talking to Oculus since November 22nd. We’ll see where that goes..

As of right now it says,

“Your Account Has Been Disabled

For more information please visit the Help Center.Your account was disabled on Oct 29, 2020. If you think your account was disabled by mistake you can submit more information via the Help Center for up to 30 days after your account was disabled. After that, your account will be permanently disabled and you will no longer be able to request a review”

I have submitted a review idk how many times now to no avail..

I have filed

3 complaints on them with the FTC

3 complaints with the BBB

4 complaints through Oculus

1 complaint with the Business Consumer Alliance

1 complaint with Consumer Affairs

1 complaint with PeopleClaims

1 complaint with GetHuman

1 complaint with TRUSTe

1 complaint with Hissing Kitty

About 80 emails to every facebook email address I could find

and now this complaint through SociallyBanned

The FTC doesn’t act on individual requests. Other than Oculus and the BBB, the rest of the reports have been ignored for the most part. Even the very first one with the BBB has been incorrectly marked as solved and no replies on the other 2 yet. The others I haven’t really even gotten a reply of any kind.

You want to know the main reason my account was disabled? One, I run a conservative based community message board with a couple thousand people who speak the truth. And two, I have been hosting Trump rallies and Trump Train parades locally through that message board and event pages on Facebook. I successfully had one on September 17th, another on October 17th and the last most recent one on November 1st. I have been fighting like hell since just after the first one to maintain my Facebook page without being banned or disabled. The first and second event pages were not tampered with. I did get banned after the first one but the second one was just fine. Then come time for the 3rd one, not only did it get deleted about 4 days before the event on November 1st.. But it got recreated 3 times. And each time removed. One of the times was me that created it, Then I had my friend Chris K recreate it. He woke up the next day to his account being disabled just like mine. Chris is running for city council in the area! And then I managed to get another one made and it got deleted as well.

Like I said above, this is criminal. At the very least it is discrimination and a violation of my intellectual property rights! Not to mention downright wrong!!

I will keep fighting to not only expose their arbitrary biases but to force accountability as well as implementation of an actual customer service portal or system. This is absolutely ridiculous that fb can get away with this. All to silence the political beliefs of others!!

Disabled on facebook

Disabled on facebook



Have you been unfairly Banned, Silenced, Deplatformed, Put In “Social Media Jail”, Shadowbanned or worse? 

Millions are finding their voices DELETED on social media every day…with no recourse. 

Big Tech gets away with it because you have no voice.  You’re Banned in silence, deleted without remedy or memory.  No judge, no jury, just an executioner.

Not anymore. 

SociallyBanned was created to give YOU a voice. 

If you’ve been unfairly silenced on social media, post your story for the world to see!  Click the red “Submit Your Details” button and then add your post telling us what you posted, how long you were put in “social media jail”, what they told you when they banned you.  Include screenshots or video!  Post it all!

Our goal is to get ONE MILLION reports from regular Americans just like you…and me. 

Alone we have no voice.  No power.

Together we are an army. 

And it’s time to fight back. 

Thank you for fighting with us!


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